Monday, May 10, 2010

Zoo Volunteer Program

BCM is organizing a zoo volunteer program on
Date: Saturday, June 12, 2010
Time: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Location: Zoo Negara

Zoo Negara Volunteer Programme is about providing a close relation between human and wildlife by learning to understand their needs and social behavior.

By working hand in hand with the zookeepers,this programme could also build up your self confidence and spirit through community service and raises awareness on wildlife conservation.

Apart from this, you will also get a chance to explore behind the scenes as a zookeeper by assisting them on their daily routine.

  1. To assist zoo's animal keepers in providing daily care for the animals, including exhibit cleaning, food preparation and animal behavioral enrichment activities.
  2. To assist zoo's animal keepers in exhibit maintenance.
  3. To assist zoo's animal keepers with special projects,including research and exhibit modifications.
  4. To assist zoo's horticulture and plants landscaping around the zoo.
  5. To support the marketing team during internal and external zoo events, including set- up and / or tear down.
  6. To assist wherever help is needed on an ad – hoc basis.


Please arrive at the zoo 30 MINUTES BEFORE the above programme starts if possible to make sure that the Volunteer Programme is not postponed to another date.

Proceed to the GATE 3, ZOO NEGARA (Security Post) and the person in-charge must register the group by filling in the Zoo Volunteer Book at the Security Post.

Please gather at the Zoology Office’s Foyer (near Gate 3) and the zoo's Education Officer will be waiting for the group.

8.00 am : Volunteer arrival and registration
8.15 am : Safety briefing by Education Officer
8.30 am : Volunteer distribution by Zoology Duty Officer
10.00 am : Tea break*
10.20 am : Volunteering work continues
1.00 pm : Lunch and break*
2.00 pm : Volunteering work continues
4.30 pm : Volunteer program ends

We hope a lot of you would join this worthy cause. Let's do our part in making the zoo a better place for the animals to live in :)

If you are interested to join please email you full name and phone number to and for further inquiries, you can email us too or check out the event's facebook page

Wing Kids Study Tour in NishiNippon newspaper

Just received this from Ms Kanae from the APCC office today! She attached a series of articles which Nomura-san, the journalist who came with the study tour delegates to cover the event in March, had written in NishiNippon.

NishinNippon circulates the highest number of newspaper in Fukuoka according to Ms Kanae and we are happy that the 1st Wing Kids Study Tour in Malaysia program was featured in it.

Nomura-san had precisely described the day to day activities that the Wing Kids went through in Malaysia in this article. Unfortunately for us who do cannot read in japanese, we can just well.. look at the photos I've attached below :) To those who can'd be nice if you guys could translate it for us ;p

But anyhow..we at BCM are more than happy with this article by Nomura-san! Thank you so much and we'll try to put up a detailed post regarding the Wing Kids Study Tour program that happened in March for all of you to read soon :)



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