Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BC Malaysia Launched Annual Green Planet Campaign 2012 (Reuse and Recycle)

Hello everyone!

Last Saturday dated 09June2012, BC Malaysia launched an annual campaign to preserve the environment which was named as "Green Planet 2012" with the chosen theme of "Reuse and Recycle".

The objective of this campaign is to educate members and its overall society in creating awareness on the environmental preservation on daily basis practice as a norm to be embedded by all.

To achieve the stated objective, we may:

1. Post posters at public areas (school, parks)/ written and digital media (blogs, facebook).
2. Encourage the public towards recycling by putting the used consumer goods (bottles/ plastic bags) into the designated recycling bin; separated based on materials.
3. Encourage you fellow family members and friends to minimize the use of plastic bags.
4. Promotes reuse of potential unused items rather than throwing it into the rubbish bin.

Please also share your ideas with us!
We are glad to hear it from you.

#the picture above show me (Faiz) and Emily (PA 2012) were promoting the campaign by showing to the people in KL International Airport (KLIA) on the effort towards recycling used bottles & plastic.


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