Tuesday, June 26, 2012

JAs Orientation for 24th APCC 2012

Fellow BC Malaysia members,

On the last 21st June 2012, JAs orientation has been conducted at the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE), Putrajaya.

The purpose of this event was to introduce the delegation team for this coming 24th APCC in Fukuoka on July.

The attendees were 6 JAs together with their parent, PA (Emily), Chaperon (Mr. Azmi), officers of MOE and 5 BC Malaysia members.

The input of this event including experience sharing from BC Malaysia members with the current JAs, and also advises on pre-departure preparation on passport, visa and documentation. BC Malaysia members also have pointed out regarding preparation for 25th APCC Anniversary in July 2013.

**Please be noted that JAs training will be held at Empress Hotel, Salak Tinggi; Sepang from 11th-13th July 2012.
**The delegation will depart to Japan on 13th July 2012 by Silk Air with transit in Singapore Changi International Airport.
**For those who are coming for the send-off, please be at KLIA around 0800PM

Congratulations for all the selected delegation team!


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